mPower™ Smart Utility Suite

Exclusively built for utilities from the beginning. Perfected through solution delivery.


mPower™ based smart utility solutions from Phoenix help utilities overcome most of the utility challenges with measurable benefits. Whether you want to take control of your assets, increase your revenue realization or improve customer satisfaction; we have the right solution for you. Our solution offerings are based on an advanced technology framework that allows Seamless integration of multiple applications, services and devices in a future proof manner. The solution framework helps achieve business agility, anywhere information access, multi-modal communication, multi-device integration, business intelligence and enterprise integration through service oriented architecture.

The mPower™ Smart Utility Suite from Phoenix is based on our advanced mPower™ EIP (Enterprise Integration Platform) for seamless integration of various applications, services and devices in a future proof manner through service oriented architecture.

Some of the salient features of mPower™ smart utility suite are:

  • Unified information access: Portal framework for unified access to information in any format like web content, email, documents, reports, maps, etc.,
  • Communication & collaboration: Multi-channel communication and collaboration through VoIP, IM/chat, Email, SMS, Mobiles/handhelds, IVRS, Social Networks, etc.,
  • Business intelligence: Integrated solution for intelligent decision support with robust tools for ETL, analytics, reporting and dashboards.
  • Business operations agility: Workflow and rule engines for easy customization in tune with ever changing business needs, without help from software programmers.
  • Enterprise integration: ESB based service oriented architecture facilitates easy integration with legacy as well as third party applications.
  • Smart grid integration: Seamless integration with meters and devices based on open standards paving the way for future integration with smart grid devices.
  • Security and auditing services: Secure access based on role based access permissions, with single sign-on. Mandatory audit trail for all data transactions.